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Experience with heroin addiction

Heroin addict for several years got to the point where he cannot manage his life, so he decided to try rapid heroin detox in clinic dr. Vorobiev. His experience with clinic and with different treatment that he had.

Painless rapid detoxification - true story

If you have any questions about our ultra rapid detox anesthesia, contact us for free consultation.

Or call this number: +381 61 819 4552 Dr Alexey ; +381 63 24 7777
Vorobiev clinic is open to patients from all over the world, suffering from alcoholism and all kind of drug addiction. We helped thousands of patients from all over the world : Birmingham , Australia, New York, Texas, California, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Minnesota, Ohio, Orange County, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Sacramento ... 

Painless drug detox process , european clinic

Heroin recovery program, ibogain therapy and rapid detoxification from opiates

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